Testing & Evaluation

Code, like a building, is dependent on the strength of its structure.  Fragile code can work, but be prone to breaking.  If you have code that is crumbling, your customers will discover it for you.  That is a terrible outcome.

Testing:  We thoroughly test all our code before we send it to you.  We have multiple physical devices for both Android and iOS that we test on. We do automated testing to quickly measure the success of adjustments to code.

Code Evaluation:  You might have concerns about code someone has written for you. We can review it to find any issues before your customers do.  We will test all functions and make a list of bugs to be fixed.  We will review the structure and strength of the code and report an assessment of quality and flexibility.  We can act as a liaison between you and the developer to help you get the product that you were promised.

Product Acquisition:  We have worked with businesses who want to evaluate a product and/or company before purchasing it.  We can review source code for quality, strength, and adaptability.  We advise you how well the code from the acquisition target would work with your existing code.  We can estimate the effort that the code will take to merge with your systems, maintain, update, or even rewrite the product.

A digital product need not be an impenetrable black box.  We can provide a report documenting findings that will help you make an informed decision about the cost of acquisition beyond the purchase price.

References for this service are available upon request.