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App Map

Not to be too much of a downer here, but you aren’t psychic. Since you are not psychic, you will have to communicate your app idea to others using words and pictures. You are going to need an App Map. Your App Map is a way for you to visualize the different features...

Market Research

There are people who have great app ideas, really clever solutions. The problem is that their solution doesn’t have a big enough problem. No one else cares. Market research doesn’t guarantee success, but it can prevent disaster.


Your time and money could be saved with a simple Google search. It is the least expensive and fastest thing you can do to test your app idea. We highly encourage it.

Minimum Viable Product- MVP

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a term frequently used, with an abundance of definitions, and is often poorly understood. An MVP isn’t an incomplete product, it is the the MINIMUM product that will accomplish what you desire.  It is a whole, useful, and useable...