Xamarin is a tool that allows apps for iOS and Android to be written with less code.  Apps are written in one language, Xamarin, sharing 50%+ of the code. Apps can be developed faster with fewer bugs.  Changes, updates, and improvements can be propagated across platforms rapidly.

Now owned by Microsoft, Xamarin has continued to evolve and pull in new features. It is up to date with the most recent versions of iOS and Android. We have used Xamarin for over 4 years and have more than 12 years of expertise with the programming language it uses.

When we have to create the same application in both Android and iOS, Xamarin has been our tool of choice. With proper architecture, the bulk of the app can be developed just once. With many libraries and services that Xamarin and C# apps can leverage, development is facilitated by easily accessible tools.

Xamarin has saved our clients time and money, allowing them to get to market faster and the flexibility to add features with their initial cost-savings.