What if there was a way to cut the cost of your product’s development by as much as 50%?  It would probably sound too good to be true.  Salty Dog Technology can make that fantasy a reality.  Here’s how…

Mobile application development can be expensive. It takes specialized knowledge to design and develop applications for both Android and iOS (iPhone). After that, bugs need to be fixed and new features added. If you’re looking to release on both Android and iOS it’s twice the cost, because they are written in two entirely different languages.

Android uses Java, and iOS uses Objective-C or Swift. On top of that, the operating systems are completely different. There are some similarities because they are addressing the same issues – providing an environment for apps to run on mobile phones, and sometimes use the same hardware. But that is where the similarities end.

Some people have tried to create tools that allow an app to run on both Android and iOS. Some solutions fall back to using HTML and Javascript, the same technology used in web pages. They simply bundle the web pages with the applsuperior_idea_17071ication, and have different versions of the application for each platform.

In theory this sounds like a great solution, but in practice it isn’t so great. Those technologies were originally designed for environments with much more horsepower than mobile phones. So for simple applications, they can work, but for larger ones they run into issues, becoming slow or requiring specialized coding to access some phone features.

Within the past few years another option has come out: Xamarin. Xamarin solves the cross-platform problem from a completely different direction. They bring a mature programming language and environment to mobile phones: C# and .Net, which results in applications with all the speed and capabilities of native applications.

C# is a language developed by Microsoft in the year 2000. It became the go-to way of building applications for Microsoft windows, Microsoft websites, and Windows Phones. Over the past 15 years the language has grown and matured. Now, there are many libraries available for its use. It has recently been ported to Linux and Apple OSX (their desktop operating system).

Xamarin provides a way to write applications for both Android and iOS at the same time. The resulting applications run just as fast as Native applications written in Java or Objective-C (or swift), and have access to any native libraries or capabilities. The result is 60% of the code is shared, and with their Xamarin Forms User Interface Library that can near 100%.

This is why we offer Xamarin as a solution to customers.

This is an overall reduction of total cost of ownership for the application. Where previously an application had to be written twice – once in Java and once in Objective-C (or Swift), a large part (if not all the code) can be written once.

Additionally, many bugs and new features only have to be fixed or implemented in once place, giving your dollars much more leverage.

Xamarin can also use many existing C# libraries, further enhancing the capabilities of the application. Xamarin is compatible with the Microsoft C# Development tools. This makes it easier to develop applications that span Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Desktop and Mac OSX.

Many cloud platforms offer support for C# and Xamarin, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Mobile Cloud, Parse.com and more.

Xamarin is here to stay. They started in 2011 and are still going strong. In 2013 they raised $16 million in funding and in 2014 an additional $54 million with some help from Microsoft. More recently, they announced a partnership with Oracle to provide access to Oracle’s Mobile Cloud.

Xamarifigures_give_high_five_2654n is a big tool in Salty Dog’s toolbox, and we provide those capabilities and savings to our customers – another great reason to go with Salty Dog Technology.