User Interface

User Interface describes the way that layout and function combine to influence how the customer uses and perceives the product.  A great deal  of expense can be saved by learning how your customers will behave before you build your product.

Good UI is invisible.  One function logically leads to another.  Interactions are simple.  Customers get what they want out of the app and feel satisfied with the process.

Bad UI is frustrating.  Users push multiple buttons to find what they are looking for.  Drop downs have tiresomely long lists to scroll through.  Each time the customer opens the app they feel like they are starting from the beginning.   The customer may get what they want, but the leave the app feeling irritated.  If a better product comes along, they will use it.

How you think a customer will use an app is often not how they actually will use it.  We think it is better to find out how customers will interact with your app before code is written and as it is being developed.  Our strategies save time and quickly reduce issues with how your app is accessed.

With backgrounds in software design and social work we have a unique perspective on user interfaces.  We can help you make a product that is both usable and used.