A fully developed product requires maintenance.  Like any other built thing, code will need to be repaired and updated.

As operating systems change, how code interacts with devices will change.  Both Android and iOS will prevent apps without required updates from functioning.  Apple is particularly vigilant about removing non-conforming apps from their store immediately and with little or no notice to an individual developer.

The more people use a product, the fuller the data system will become, until eventually the data outgrows the structure intended to hold it.  The product must be regularly reviewed to make sure that the capacity of the program matches how it is being used.

Tools that developers routinely use as components of code can change ownership, and will sometimes go away completely.  There will rarely be individualized notice to users of said tools.  Your product will simply stop working properly.

All digital products are vulnerable to hacking and exploitation by users with malicious intents.  Digital products must be routinely updated to protect against such penetrations and vulnerabilities.

As a business owner, you do not have the luxury of waiting for your products to break before you repair them, the cost will be too great. This is where a little bit of regular effort can save a lot of time and money later on.  We can help you stay ahead of foreseeable disasters.