There are some developers who will do all the development prior to revealing the product to their client. This is a great way to get something other than what you had wanted and have little to no recourse to get it changed or avoid cost overruns.

With iterations, you are never surprised by the product delivered to you.

At Salty Dog Technology we use an iterative process.  The iterative process ensures that the client is getting the product they want and need.  

An iteration is a block of work, usually encompassing a single function/feature or group of related functions/features.

An example of a single iteration:

  • Describe the work to be done in detail in a Statement of Work. 
  • Get approval from the client.
  • Wireframe work to be done.
  • Get approval from the client.
  • Code the functions/features.
  • Demonstrate functioning of functions/features to the client
  • Deliver code written to client

An iteration usually takes anywhere from 1 week to 1 month, depending on the turnaround time for questions and the amount of work to be done.  Iterations help you to minimize risk, as you are constantly getting to see/use/take possession of work done throughout the process.   

Another advantage of iterations is that course corrections can be made early. … explain… … Work occurs on your schedule.

For example: Imagine you want an app. You have imagined that your app has three core functions. With the iterative process each function may be an individual iteration.  After coding the first function, we realize that there are multiple possibilities for the way that users are directed to the second and third functions.  You get to use the app and we discuss which of those possibilities make the most sense for your app.  You chose one, and we code the next iteration.  The finished product contains the features the way you wanted them to appear based on your in-depth knowledge of the market for the product/use of the product.  

Now imagine that you approached a developer who agreed to make the app for you but who doesn’t work iteratively or in partnership with you.  You tell them what you want the app to do.  They begin coding and when they face a decision point- they make it- you are never consulted.  You receive a completed app.  It might be what you wanted.  It might not.  You don’t know what you’ll get until the very end because you were forced to take a blind leap of faith that they would finish it appropriately.  

We don’t ask you to walk off a cliff and hope there is a net below to catch you.

We want you to feel confident that the product being built is what you want and need.  We want you to be the one to direct the project and make choices.  We want to set you and your product up for success.   

So- when you hear us talking about iterations- this is what we mean.  It is one of the many ways that we keep you in charge and in the loop.