IOS, developed by Apple, is the mobile operating system developed that runs on iPhones and iPads. It is the second most popular mobile operating system in the world. It comprises 44% of the mobile market in the United States, and approximately 30% of the market worldwide.

Apple provides a rich environment for creating applications. Since Apple produces the devices and the operating system, there isn’t nearly as much issue dealing with variations across devices. When this does happen, it is mostly in two areas: screen differences between iPhones and iPad, and resolution of text and images.  Your app strategy should include iOS unless there is a specific reason not to, such a device requirement or a specific feature not available on iOS.

iPhone and iPad users have high expectations. The apps, at a minimum, must look good. The App Store looks over candidate apps with more scrutiny than Android, ensuring the app looks consistent with their design standards, provides value, and doesn’t do anything it isn’t supposed to.

Salty Dog Technology has been creating iOS apps for over six years. We’ve developed network connected applications, applications that monitor the microphone to perform audio analysis, and much more.

iOS represents the largest source of direct app revenue.  We can help you access that.