As you are sitting here reading this you may be confident that your app idea would be an amazing thing that the world needs and will pay you well for…

Google that idea!  

Your big idea may already be someone else’s successful business. We’ve had to break it to many potential clients that their app already exists.  That is the most ethical thing we can do for a client as it provides them the opportunity to approach their idea from a different direction.

People often think that because they’ve never seen an app or a product, that it must not have been made yet.  That may not be true.  The world is a big place and your experience is limited by where you live, where you work, what tv you watch, what you look at on the internet, and who you talk to.  Just because you’ve never heard of XYZ, doesn’t mean that people aren’t already using XYZ.

Check the Google Play store; check iTunes App Store.  Google your idea using several different search terms.

For example, if you have an idea for a music app that mashes up songs, you would start by searching “song mash up apps.”  Then at the bottom of the first page of your Google search, Google will suggest some alternative search terms. Search those terms!  Then think some more about other ways to describe your app idea and search on that.
The more you know about what other products are out there that are similar to your idea, the better you can hone your idea in on a gap in the market.  How could your idea be different than what is already profitable?  What need remains unfilled?

It shouldn’t be discouraging that products similar to your idea already exist- quite the opposite- it shows that your idea has customers.  

If your idea is connected to a tangible product or hardware, search for it as well.  This is important market research. Think of it like a free focus group.  What are people saying in the comments?  What do people like/dislike about products that have apps connected to them?

If you search the Google Play store and the iTunes App Store and you find apps for your idea, what do the reviews say about the existing apps?  Do people complain about the way the interface works?  Is that something you could do differently and better?

Your time and money could be saved with a simple Google search.  It is the least expensive and fastest thing you can do to test your app idea.  We highly encourage it.