This is the most common smartphone operating system. It makes up two-thirds of the world market share for mobile devices, and about 55% in the United States. It is used by multiple device manufacturers.

The ubiquity of Android is deceptive. There are multiple versions, vendor variations, running on different kinds of devices. All this fragmentation can cause issues. Salty Dog can make sure the app is tested not just to ensure correct functionality, but that most anomalies due to hardware, modified versions of Android are found before the user do.

The challenge is to make an application that works despite these variations.  For example, prior to Android 4.0, the most recent web security standards were not supported. Apps written for earlier versions had to include specific functionality to connect to make up for this.

We have been working with Android for more than seven years.  We can see how changes over time and across device screen sizes impact functioning at the code level.

User interface on Android devices is different than iOS; this forces different types of interactions.  If you have a mock up of a design that only represents one type of operating system, you have only half a design.  We make sure that you have clear mockups of Android screens prior to code being written.

Due to the large market share in the US and the world of Android, we recommend including it in your app strategy.